Wednesday, August 30, 2006

 See my fellow members of the internet community...
Iam a new member to this blogging community.It is a fact that we all want to reach the heights of glory in our life and we work hard to attain our goals.As a matter of fact,I wanted a computer when i was 12 years old.But fate(or was it the destiny)bought me one just 10 months ago.z

My dream system would be(as of now)

Intel CoreDuo Processor (da one wid 2.93 Ghz horse power),a cool all-in-all  motherboard(preferably the one i read about ,AsRock it is),4GB DDR2 RAM,160 GB SATA2 HDD, a superb cooling system,nVIDIA GeForce 7950 GTx  2(i love it),den i wud include whatever i can to make it the fastest and coolest RIG in the whole world.

Suggestios are most welcome.

So coming back,being an aspirant i would like to state or establish my presence in the web as one of my inspiration Roy Schestowitz has done has been doing time and again.
So wish me all the best and i wish you all the best