Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[Pic of B]
(Sorry guyz cant put her pic w/o her consent)

Betty........Who Is She....

Hmmmm..This is the first time Im blogging about someone who I havnt seen in real but definitely
on many occassions online,even today morning..Yes its Betty...my "Rachel's Moma" ....It wus some 3 months back
that i saw her name in the friend list of seena,my another friend.So i simply added her.
I never thought that she would accept me ,but it happened.From then on i slowly started to keep in touch
Then I added her in my messenger list and one day she came online.It was a fun meeting and
gradually we became good friends.She is a cute girl, a seemingly mature gal,but so simple @ her heart.
She always go down when she finds herself amidst trouble.She had some personal problems when she was in India
and i could guess who it was that caused her trouble.(Sorry Betty I knw tht).

But I must say that she is an intelligent girl,knws everything and does make it worth for what she is learning now.
She know everything from American Lit to Shakespeare..You name it she has the answer. She does love little children and
does some baby sitting kinda work.I must not say that word because its all informal,its her love towards babies that make her do tht.
So all canadian i request you to watch out for her incase you hav some trouble....Okie Im running low on words and I must conclude..
Comments....Naah i dont mind for this slightly off the topiv entry.....May be i should make it as my testimonial to her...hehe

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ubuntu Updated

With the new Asianet connection in hand,i found enough reasons and Bandwidth ofcourse to update my Ubuntu.271mB of update was done and plenty other downloads too. I downloaded Berry Linux frm Distrwatch and also some Vista themes from gnome-look.org

Here Im adding my new Ubuntu desktop plus some "df" results dnandu

@nandu-desktop:~$ df

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3 6065568 3696296 2061256 65% /
varrun 239844 72 239772 1% /var/run
varlock 239844 4 239840 1% /var/lock
udev 239844 120 239724 1% /dev
devshm 239844 0 239844 0% /dev/shm
lrm 239844 21540 218304 9% /lib/modules/2.6.15-28-amd64-generic/volatile
/dev/sda1 10241404 5550340 4691064 55% /media/sda1
/dev/sda5 10231392 4382640 5848752 43% /media/sda5
/dev/sda6 10472136 6256112 4216024 60% /media/sda6
/dev/sda7 10482380 3479028 7003352 34% /media/sda7
/dev/sda8 10482380 5733996 4748384 55% /media/sda8
/dev/sda9 8385896 3904480 4481416 47% /media/sda9

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Thanks to God...I sincerely believe that my getting selected to Wipro had a serious impact on my father.Now that day before yesterday a guy from Asianet came and did the paper works.And today another guy from da company came and installed the modem.The scheme is called Nightbird.The connection speed is 256kbps.And i wud be online from 10:00PM to 8:AM and 24 hrs online on every Sunday.
The plan seems to me like the most economical as i dont do much browsing.The first BiG download i started is the Linux distro Berry.Its a cool LiveCD with all the eye candy. I am extremely happy to get this connection and for this and many other things I owe my parents,.

Monday, April 02, 2007


After all those attempts to get into some company,finally i succeeded. The recruitment streak began some 2 months back with TCS. I couldnt make it further after the Apti Test. Mainly because of some GNOME test. Then i gave a shot @ Syntel Inc. That too was a failure. I was really depressed with this failure. All my friends and family tried to console me by saying that I wud get a much better chance. Atlast on March 25th 2007,I went for this recruitment drive @ University Colege campus. Actually by mistake i went to Womens College first ,but I realized that it isnt the right place. At around 9:00 I registered my name.By 10:30 ,the test started. After the 1.5 hr test,the orgnzrs collected the paper @ 12:30 and then they told us to assemble @ 1:00 PM. So me and Karim and Anuroop was eager to knw the result. At 1, they announced the result .Me Karim and Anuroop made it. Anuroop was taken for the interview .Meanwhile me and Karim went and had a Sharjah shake. When our turn came we were taken for HR interview first. I presented really well. Then i was allowed to appear for the Tech Interview. I played a strategy that once i get a Project qn, I wud stick on it and it paid off. He asked more qna and i answered them .I was relived that day. And on 28th evening, a call came from Corporate Liasions that Im selected by Wipro for their WASE program. I was really happy and even my frnd Anjana called me to congratulate me.I send many SMS to ma frnds. Nw this wus a really great experience and I llok forward to do the MS and then achieve my Ultimate aim ,Google Inc. Lets see....May God be with me......Thank you Lord for what I achieved...My first Job.....

Jcb in action

Used to be Kulathunkal Motors

Muscle Power + Money Power...

This post is dedicated to the shop owners who have lost there belongings,who stare seeing their dream crushed into ashes by the JCBs..The state govt has decided to pull down the shops from Staue Jn to Overbridge as a measure to retrieve land for Road development.As we all know ,our roads have always been a night mare to travel and we all are amazed by the speed with which the government has proceeded.Nw that people dont have any shop, shopless are spending their daily life giving themselves a hope to live..God knws weder dey wud be given new place to setup there business.Let us pray that the Govt comes up with fast an effective ideas for the rehabilitaion of these shop owners...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ranjinis Home Visit.....

On March 23rd we guys from CS6, me,Nitin,Melvin,Ajith,Unni,Mathew,Anoop,Shenu,Vijay and Sreejith had a road trip to Chakuvally,Malanada..near Kollam .Dats where Ranjini lives with her familiy..Dat morning we started off @ 9:30am. It tuk us some 3 hrs (12:40Pm precisley) to reach her house...Day wus real hot and all our skin burnt really ht....Aftr the tiring journey,we had our lunch.Den we jus roamed here n dere....In the evening ,Uncle tuk all of us to the temple....Dere wus so much ppl thth one wudnt wanna miss da crowd...Wus an awsome experience..

Arnd 5:30 we gt bck home..Uncle insisted us to stay tht day dere..Bt since we didnt plan it properly,we had to deny the offer respectfully..Den we started bck to TVM arnd 6:00..Return trip wus so cool and da atmosphere wus cold..We didnt wanna come bck dat day..Such wus da experience stayin dere....We had snack break @ Kottiyam...And we reached Colege by 8:30..By 9,Srijith dropped me @ ma house.I cald Ranjini den and talked to her father ...Dat is a memorable day in my life....