Monday, October 22, 2007

One and a half month is indeed a lonnnng gap. As i see, my last post was on 13th of September,just 3 days before i left my home for a journey which i would like to call it an EPIC one , as it is THE important jounrney in my life. Yes, i left home to join WIPRO, where i would be working as a Student-Computer Applications along with pursuing an MS from BITS ,Pilani. What am into is a Work-integrated MS programme at the end of which i would get a full time MS degree from BITS.
[Well there are some conditions which i dont want to even think about . Hehe.]
I reached Hyderabad on 18th of September.That was an overnight journey from Banglore where i had to stay for a day and a half to do some bank procedures. On reaching hyderabad, renjith picked me up and dad and I do feel extremely lucky to stay with Renjith , as he is someone who i know.In other cases , its really difficult to find a good accomodation.
So i joined the office on Sept 21st. The next monday, Sept 24th, officially it all started with the FRp training. FRP is a 10 day training program where we were taugtht C and Data Structures (advanced level one can say). After that there was a test. The cut off was 70% , but for us it was made 60.( i do believe its because of the small strenght our batch is having).
It was an unfortunate day that i could clear the test in the first attempt. So we had to attend one week of mentoring classes for the same . Seriously our faculty Mr.Mohan is an EXCELLENT teacher. Hes send here from NIIT. ( The standard always shows naa???? ).During his one week of mentoring, i revised what all i had to. But the feel of not clearing th test was still haunting me.But as always i changed. And one week later, i wrote the retest and cleared the test with 76%(which i personally feel isnt that good :( ). Meanwhile , we had our BU Induction as well as CRP (Corporate Readiness Program). We had some excellent sessions handled by Mr. Reddy , Mr.Sai Diwakar, Ms Pragya etc etc. So once i cleared the test, i was on cloud 9. I couldnt express my happines. But amidst that happiness, was there the sorrow of one of my close friend not making it in the 2nd attempt also. But i do see her scoring good marks in the coming TRP.
Now after a break of 2 days, our TRP started today with C++. Talking about my domain, its called Telecoms Product Engineering and my stream is Systems Programming in Windows. Lets see how it goes as i would be learning quite a lot of new things like MFC,Win32SDK Programming etc etc. In this one month i went out for shopping twice to a place they call BF (BrandFactory) where one would get branded products with offers worth it.And yes , for a movie last week (Bhool Bhulaiyya).
Well to conclude, i didnt get this much time to sit infront of a system and update my blog. Sorry for that. My present location has been shifted from my palacial shack in Trivandrum to a place called Toli Chowki in Hyderabad. But IM HAPPY. Everyday i pray to God that let my next four years be as good as it can be and hope nothing worse/disasterous happens to my life.