Sunday, January 24, 2010


I would like to make a statement before i proceed further. The thoughts expressed in this post are purely the author's. As a reader, you may or may not like it...and I don't care..As long as I am alive, .As long as i can type and as long as my blog is online,they remain mine. Proceed.

Life has taught me some bitter , some sour , some sweet, some chewy and what-so-ever tasteful lessons. And it has been a great experience to be on the receiving side. You learn alot, how to tackle situations in the future, what kind of issues you might face...and plenty others. The point is, of all these relations, how much you value which one, the most.

Yes, I value my relation with my parents the most. And it would remain the same till my last breathe. Second, as of now i value the relation with my friends. Then, the one with my colleagues, then the one with the society and so on. The second one will change for sure in the near future when i have someone else in my life. Someone , who had been enjoying her life in her own way, and suddenly who comes to know about another fellow human being.

Relations with my relatives, haven't been so nice for a long time. In this world, you are valued based on the amount of money you have. You are rich? Then its cool for them. You are not, then it isn't that cool. Discrimination has been a part and parcel in life and i pity them for not being a human. They don't deserve that either.

Friends...., relations with them i have valued alot. n number of friends from school..n number of friends from college and n number of them @ work. That is me. For one or more reason, people like me. For one or more reason, i like many of them too..especially my dear one...bettykunju... Fact is i have never met her, but she is my besttttest one. I rank friends in a way everyone does. Some are intimate some are not, some are close , some are best..some are good. No matter How much ever classifications I have, i respect all of them.

Now there are relations, which you treasure more. Am not talking about the Friendly thing here..but yea more of the love thing...The love you have for someone. When you like some one , you feel excited. When someone likes you, you feel more excited. As of now, I am excited. Excited for the fact that I realize i like some one. Sadly,I haven't reached the next level. Also i do realize that things doesn't always happen the way you want it to. But still you pray for it. Can't help it . It's HUMAN. So my relationship status still remain single.

Let me scribble something about friaandship now. We all remember our school days far more clearer than our college days. Those police and robber games, hide and seek etc. The mind was so pure that your friends were like your siblings. As we grew up, our siblings seperated from us. Got a seperate set of people around you. SOme failed to keep in touch with their ex-siblings but some did. When i look back, i dont find a zillion # of friends to boast about, but from the millions i had, most of them underwent the change i mentioned couple of lines above. Now after, say 5 yrs, i find myself happy to be pinged by friends, whom you thought you lost forever and they come back to you. When asked, how others are, they prove you wrong. It did not happen with you alone, it happened with all of them. All of them had their own priorities, their own people and this tendency will always be there.

So were your experience with relations, more or less the same? Feel free to share.

N.B : Yes, for the fact that I have admitted that I like someone, doesn't really give anyone a chance to ask me who that is. Wish people realized certain things and made it lot more smoother. As a human, even i pray for things to get smoother.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A memorable vacation :)

Its been 2 years since i joined the industry. I have had many vacations during this 2 years, some spanning a week, some spanning 3 days... But this one which was 10 days long, i would say, is the most memorable one .. the one which i enjoyed the most. for its own special reasons... I came here a week back ( Dec 18th to be precise). I had plans of meeting my friends from college. But my gut feeling told me, its not them you will enjoy the most with, but with your school buddies. And that's exactly what happened.

I rang up my college mate, yes i did that atleast. Though the plan was to meet this person at least, but i don't think it would have happened. No offense, but i am happy for the time i had without the meeting . My stay started with the sad news reaching me, that my doggie, Chikku as he was called, expired. It was one full day of sadness. I miss him alot.

Then slowly i came out of all that, and started off in style. Took my bro for the much hyped, 3D movie , Avatar. WOW. Just that word comes to my mind.
Also took him for the visual dhamaka from Roland Emerich, called 2012. After couple of days, i decided to meet my school buddy, a special person in my school life- Adarsh. He is such a down to earth personality. We know each other pretty well, may be because of the commonality in the problems we face :) After an unexpected delay in the meeting, I met him one fine evening. During the time we spent, many old memories came to my mind. Back in school we used to play together, and all the faces that were with us, came right in front of us. In fact many memories. We are one among the privileged students of Bhavans, who studied there from the beginning till the end of schooling. So we share a lot of memories.

We also met another good buddy of ours from Bhavans- Manu. After spending sometime with him, we headed to the beach. Its been over 3 years since i have been there and trust me it was a nice evening we had. On our way back, i got down at the city centre and boy the 10km walk back home was Superb :P ( Ok am not nuts)

When all this took place, one small incident took place along with it. It was just another Fb entry for me... Wrote about seeing a school mate on her wall in CCD along with her friend...And then came a comment to the Wall entry... Didn't take much time to realize who that was. Known for my good sense of humor, made some remarks and slowly we started making a private space lil messy? Before the owner behaved indecently, we moved out to IM... I would honestly say , I had a good time and i think I have made a good Iyer ponnu as a good friend of mine ;) Hahaha.. [Note: When i crib this , its me who have seen this person the most and she hasnt seen me yet. I loved the way i explained my seeing of her @ the Rlwy station and her reactions to that. ]

Younger to me, she is so intelligent and cute. This person has great intellect and i was impressed with many things she told me. Also came to know that she is related to my college friend, I would say this is one master piece production ;) hehehe...
OK I am not used to describing people and I am not good at that but i can do that in person. The very interaction with her gave me a special feeling which i find it really difficult to explain. But i hope she is truthful to what she has told me and i think she is. After all a person of her intellect cannot be like what i suspect. I am very cautious in each step i take and i believe this time also I have a made a good friend. She will be known as Iyer ponnu to me and i look forward to have a healthy relation with this gem of a person. [I cant do more dear :p]

OK now coming back... And yes... I am feeling so lazy to drag my a@# back to Bangalore and trust me... The experience which i had this time gives a greater sense of relief from the very ugly world i have been facing there... People who used to be with you for 2 years, when they start behaving so weired, I would rather say, when the bitches shows the real color, you feel like, slitting their throat. Some people think they have become super mature and can do all shit they want to ... But they fail to realize the lessons which they have to learn at a cost later. Hope they learn it pretty soon. Such thorns will always be there ... Now that I have realized it, seen them, am removing them or making a way so clear for me to walk ahead, move ahead, moulding my mind to be not affected by any of their actions ... I have set some goals for me and i know my commitments... Work hard to achieve them and this will be my resolution for the coming year... Let God help me in achieving the succes i dream of ... Signing of after making a blog update so longg...

Gahh Bless Ahmericcah!!!! ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

GRUBing ;)

I was thinking about configuring my Ubuntu machine to a “build” machine for a long time ;).Since my new found ( old actually ) companion is C language, i thought i should go the gcc way of doing things ;)

When i came to my native for a 3 day break , i ran into trouble first of all. I had to re-install, better to say INSTALL my XP machine once again ( reminds me of the phrase “Ohh No..Not again!!!” ) as it was infected with viruses of God-knows-what types..After doing that i came across another issue, which ofcourse is as simple as am typing now.Hehe


I had a dual boot PC with Ubuntu 8.04 and Mecashaaft XP.

The MBR was written with GRUB.

Now when i reinstalled XP , the boot loader was re-written with the XP one.

I wanted my old GRUB to be the bootloader .. ( As i am used to it u see :P )


Thinking about the solution to this problem.. I knew i had already made a post regarding this in my blog ( Yes i have done this before ). So what i needed was a Live-CD to login to Net. Yes, you saw it/ read it right . LIVE CD TO LOGIN TO NET.

I had my copy of Granular Linux with me ( zillion thanksssss to Justin , He gave me that. I owe you man) and with no hesitation i popped in my Granular. Seriously that is one gem of a distro.

And once the Granular was up, i merrily opened the Firefox and logged into the ISP account. Then searching through the older posts, i found the much needed post.Also a google gave me a genuine result. I would better explain the steps once again.

Step 1 : Open a Terminal/ Console window.

Step 2 : Type in “sudo grub” [Note: Super user mode is necessary].

Step 3 : Once you are in the grub ,Enter find /boot/grub/stage1 . This would yield an output,

similar to “root (hd?,?) “ . This is where your GRUB would get installed.

Step 4 : Now enter “setup (hd0)”

Step 5 : Quit.

Thats it... Now you have your GRUB instead of the Win XP bootloader as well your existing Linux distro would become accesible.

More about the build venture in the next entry. Happy Linuxing. :)