Friday, June 29, 2007

PizzA cOrNER ExPEriencE..

Today was a remarkable day in my life as i visited the Pizza corner in the town for the very first time. Being the self proclaimed introvert Iam, I havent had much chances to go out, esp to hang out with friends in places like Pizza corner, but this time it was all diiferent. My friends Cauvery and Vivek are in town and it was Cau's idea that we may meet at some place.

She is having the 3 day holiday which the colege does allow to take. Wel for ur info she dng MBA from ASB. And Vivek is doing his BE from
BIT, Mesra. HE stays near my place and so we headed to Veleyambalam first where he had to give some stuff to his father and I had to do a small recharge. After it was done,,we reached Pizza corner.

Actually we were standing outside waiting for this ggirl to come. But to our surpri
se,we found her inside . Who thought that Gals gona be on time???????????? We had a nice time, pulling each others legs and I honestly believe that all of us had a great time. Though i DID da MAJORITY TALKING... ;) Lolz.....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun TrIP

It was one of those when i decided to recharge my mobile, and so I got ready around 2:15PM. Well the day started with me getting disturbed by my bro with his clicks n hits on da KBoard..Damn ...

In the morning i spend ma time watching Transporter 2 (Divx) and also doing some serious File Encryption u
sing Java. SO after my lunch i was watching Reign of Fire..

Coming bck,,,,aaround 2:15 i got a message from Nithin, asking me whether i could join them for a trip NOW..So after a ring to ma father, i decided to join them . Sreejith joind later and we were off to Sangumugam beach a nice beach here. Well in the heavy r

ain last week , the walkway was washed and now the tides come a
long way on to the shore.. But altogether it wus a afun experience. THen saw some planes getting air-borne..yeha...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Secret Writer - DES Algm,ECB mode & PKCS5 Padding

( With reference to the post

On 23rd I did the posting mentioned above. It was basically an encryption program where the cipher uses a key. Different keys will produce different results. SecretWriting stores its key in a file called SecretKey.ser. The first time you run the program, SecretWriting generates a key and stores it in the file. Subsequently, the key is loaded from the file. If you remove the file, SecretWriting will create a new key. Note that you must use the same key to encrypt and decrypt data. This is a property of a symmetric cipher . Once the data is encrypted it is converted into the Base64 format.UTF8 is used as a standard encoding because it can express all Unicode characters.
Well take a glance of the code at

Open Projects For All..

Here check out some screen shots..Initially I thought I would do a non-IDE work only. But once the non-IDE stuff turned out good, the IDE one turned to be even better...Lolz/...

( Using NetBeans)

(The normal Onee)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

(Always TRY to see the Right most OS as the superior Lolz..)

Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux - Which is more secure?

Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux - Which is more secure? by ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes -- Is Windows Vista really more secure than Mac and Linux platforms?

Saturday, June 23, 2007


The Secret Writing uses classes that are found only in the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE). The JCE contains cryptographic software whose export is limited by the U.S. government.

The SecretWriting program encrypts and decrypts text. Here is a sample session:

C:\ java SecretWriting -e Hello, world!

C:\ java SecretWriting -d Lc4WKHP/uCls8mFcyTw1pQ==
Hello, world!

The -e option encrypts data, and the -d option decrypts it. A cipher is used to do this work. The cipher uses a key. Different keys will produce different results. SecretWriting stores its key in a file called SecretKey.ser. The first time you run the program, SecretWriting generates a key and stores it in the file. Subsequently, the key is loaded from the file. If you remove the file, SecretWriting will create a new key. Note that you must use the same key to encrypt and decrypt data. This is a property of a symmetric cipher

"Hello, world!" can be encrypted to many different values, depending on the key that you use. Here are a few sample ciphertexts:


The source code for this example is longer than the last one, but it's also a more capable program:

import javax.crypto.*;
import sun.misc.*;
public class SecretWriting {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
// Check arguments.
if (args.length <>
System.out.println("Usage: SecretWriting -e|-d text");
// Get or create key.
Key key;
try {
ObjectInputStream in = new ObjectInputStream(
new FileInputStream("SecretKey.ser"));
key = (Key)in.readObject();
catch (FileNotFoundException fnfe) {
KeyGenerator generator = KeyGenerator.getInstance("DES");
generator.init(new SecureRandom());
key = generator.generateKey();
ObjectOutputStream out = new ObjectOutputStream(
new FileOutputStream("SecretKey.ser"));
// Get a cipher object.
Cipher cipher = Cipher.getInstance("DES/ECB/PKCS5Padding");
// Encrypt or decrypt the input string.
if (args[0].indexOf("e") != -1) {
cipher.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, key);
String amalgam = args[1];
for (int i = 2; i <>
amalgam += " " + args[i];
byte[] stringBytes = amalgam.getBytes("UTF8");
byte[] raw = cipher.doFinal(stringBytes);
BASE64Encoder encoder = new BASE64Encoder();
Java Cryptography
pa ge 11
String base64 = encoder.encode(raw);
else if (args[0].indexOf("d") != -1) {
cipher.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, key);
BASE64Decoder decoder = new BASE64Decoder();
byte[] raw = decoder.decodeBuffer(args[1]);
byte[] stringBytes = cipher.doFinal(raw);
String result = new String(stringBytes, "UTF8");

SecretWriting has to generate a key the first time you use it. Now this is a demonstration program. What Im trying to implement is a GUI where a User could input text and get it decrypted in an easier way. The design phase has started. Soon the work would start .

Lolzz//...Seriously Encryption has really attracted me....Ye ye

Friday, June 22, 2007

What is a Directory Service?

In simple terms , a DS is nothing but a database that stores and manages information about a company's hierarchy structure, which includes users, network resources, application data etc. This is a service that identifies all network resources and serves them to users and applications. Ideally , a directory servies acts as a transparent layer between the user and the company's IT resources . In the more complex cases, a directory services is the central information repository for a Service Delivery Platform .

Types of DS

Network Information System:

(Sun 's product)

A network naming system by Sun Microsystems to manage smaller networks. In later versions, better security options and other improvements were made. In NIS, each host server or client machine connected to the network have complete information of each other . And user, at any host, can access applications and files from any host within the network with single User ID and password. NIS has two components – server and client .The server runs the NIS services and the client runs client library program to get connected to NIS services. Designed for smaller networks and LAN.

Novell eDirectory:

(Novells Console One)

This is a product from Novell that enables LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) with directory services to provide complete identity management. With this, organizations can manage security access and identities. Its core competency lies in providing secure identity management solutions and directory service administration on multi-platform network services. It can scale up to one Billion identities and manages all identities , resources, devices and policies of an organization. Also integrates with Red carpet and offers installs,updates and patches to multiple servers as well as clients.

RedHat Directory Services:

(Redhat Management console)

RedHat Directory Server, formerly known as Netscape Directory Server, is an LDAP based one that offers a centralized data store . It has an RHDS feature that allows four-way multi-master replication of data across a LAN and brings high availability and fail-over. It offers centralized management of people and their profiles that reduces costs. It also offers single sign-on access to connected resources.

Open Directory Services/ Apache Directory Services:

Open Directory Services from Apple uses open-source technologies ,like Open LDAP and Kerberos, for flawless interoperability with the other standards-based LDAP servers. The product can easily be integrated with the proprietary services ,such as MS Active Directory and Novell's eDirectory. Users can move between Windows and Mac, while using single sign-on access to directory-based system and n/w resources across all platforms. Coming to its reliability, it has highly scalable database, which further offers indexing of hundreds of user records for both high availability and performance.

Oracle Internet Directory :

Combines the strength of Oracle database and LDAP v3. This is an important module of the Oracle Application Server 10g management and security infrastructure. In addition,it offers high availability,security and Oracle Internet Directory's scalability features and is meant for online service provider implementations.

MS Active Directory :

Comes bundled with Win 2000/2003. Windows AD is LDAP compliant and is very easy to deploy and manage using Windows Management console .It supports interoperability between various directory services and can be integrated with most other directory service products. Using this, you can manage all IT resources from central locations.

Media support in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

Media support in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn by ZDNet's

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes -- Today I continue my "Windows to Linux Chronicles" by looking at what media support is like under Ubuntu 7.04.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Encryption is Serious Stuf...What is Base64

" Base64 is a system for representing an array of bytes as ASCII characters. This is useful, for example, when you want to send raw byte data through a medium, like email, that may not support anything but 7-bit ASCII. The base64 system is fully described in RFC 1521, in section 5.2. You can download this document from It's another number system, just like octal or hexadecimal. Whereas octal uses three bits per digit and hexadecimal uses four, base64 uses six bits per digit. Fortunately, there are two undocumented Java classes that take care of all the details. sun.misc.BASE64Encoder takes an array of bytes and generates a String containing the base64 digits. A corresponding class, sun.misc .BASE64Decoder, takes a String and produces the original byte array. These classes are undocumented, so Sun has no obligation to support them or keep them around in future releases of Java. If you don't have the sun.misc classes available, Appendix B, has listings for base64 conversion classes that can be used for the examples in this chapter. Once you have entered and compiled the base64 classes, replace the import sun.misc.* Encrypted data is converted to base64 to be sent through the Internet, since many mailers only support ASCII. "

Wonder why Iam saying this? Well you would be looking at a screenshot like the following shortly. Yes I have started working on a similar project and more features would be included depending the seriousness of the features it lacks.....Lolz....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trick to lock your Private folder..using Java

Basically this program came to my mind some 1 week back and so did i mention it in my blog. Well after days of "hard work", finally i finished the base version of the software to create a Lock(which is a .bat file) using which access is denied to a person, or rather would like to say a Non-administrator. It pops up a JFileChooser(used to check /open a file or folder ) and once you have entered the directory, the program creates a lock.bat whose content is something like

ren movies movies.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

where the movies can be the folder/directory name. In the upcoming versions I would like to include a quite- so- good Gooi where the user could see the directory listing on the left and the files on the right hand side of the pane like the Ubuntu "Computer", which I think would require Split Pane..may be...Hehehe

I am adding screeshots of the program in action. Below in the first Image you can see a "temp" directory inside H:/ (sorry am using Windows this time) .Now upon clickg open, you'll be making lock.bat.

Now as you can see in the following figure, there is a log.bat and this restrict a less previlidged user like the HOME user I have to delete the file..hehe

The first Bug of this program is that IT COMPLETELY RESTRICT THE USER FROM DELETING ANY FILE...:D...

So better start working on it..das wht am thinking now...
You could get the code from Open Projects for all

Monday, June 18, 2007

Is this wht I am ???

Last night I was wondering how exulting I have become in what has become the talk of the Day..Blogging...

After seeing Insanity- a way of lyf (Yeah not LIFE).., i was very much encouraged to change my style.Well there has been comments in person ,as scraps in Orkut, offlines in Hooha msngr.,and after seeing those, I have decided to include non technical topics for my friends who believe that am a nerd ,techie who keeps on writing craps again and again...(KIDDDDDIIN OKIEe folkss..You are my inspiration to write again and again ...hehe Sounds like the same old politician campaignin right?)

You people would be wondering why I didn't write Orkut or I did write Orkut in the correct spelling.Right? The reason is as simple as a piece of white paper and again even simpler like a crow shitting on my shoulder .[ ;) ].

As long as the name Orkut ........... lives and as long as it remains a Google product , I would keep on writing it in the correct spelling . Then you people may ask me “Don't you sit all the time infront of Hooha messenger you MORON! ##!@$@!#!?? “

YES I do. That is the truth . I do chat with my friends using Hooha and of course Gtalk (which again is a product of Google [:D] ). But let me make things crystal clear. My net connection is timed in between 10 PM and 8 AM. Once i get log in to the net, (which ofcourse is provided by Asianet , a reputed company that runs..i mean RULEs the cable industry in our state.)

Its only 256kbps @ a decent price. ( NB: Readers OUTSIDE India esp., from countries like USA , Canada , UK are not supposed to laugh at the figure ok?After all its the same India who has become the supposedly best IT Tycoon..But the Legislation STINKS like rotten egg as the Old “ war horses” ( Better i keep my level of decency to the better level now) are simply interested in filling up their Swiss account but there are people who really takes Business as the right sense..

So what have you understood after reading all this??? “ MORON Spitting trash on Web???”

You are wrong mate..Never under-estimate me mate..I would like to mention here that I am a proud manager of uit_tvm which is a Group in Google Groups owned by Justin. Also I do take an “active “ part in the discussions by @least reading the discussion in various other groups including Usenets, which themselves define How Important They Are to the developer world as you could find almost every developer in it Especially the Mighty Linux Developers...I salute you guys/gals...

(Ofcourse there are female developers)...So sigin off for the time being...Tc....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Search Engine Hit..or Google Hits....

Well ever since my blogging has gone BiGer..I have been trying to get into the top ranks of search engine results. So i thought why shouldn't I be trying out some search words to find my Blog in Google.

So i went precise with "nandu legend blogger"..and the result is what I have put up in the above pic. Yes it was a 10th Rank in the search result..Am impressed....Lolzz...There are many ways in which one could increase the results and bet I would try to do them hehe..

Well I am quite sure that this wouldn't have been the situation
if I hadn't taken blogging seriously to the extent to which it is now. LEts wait and see what its gona be...
Lolz again...

The following is taken from where the Pioneer of GNU , Dr Richard Stallman was interviewed by Hardware Logic . I dont have to comment more on it. Its actually a Life history of a legend like Mr Stallman.


HL Interviews Dr. Richard Stallman

HL recently interviewed world-renowned free software developer Dr. Richard Stallman, the author of such software as the GNU C Compiler and Emacs. We asked the most hard-hitting questions regarding the free software movement and its ethics...and more.

Mon, 28 May 2007 22:45:00
Home > Reviews > Software > HL Interviews Dr. Richard Stallman
"Richard Stallman is the founder of the GNU Project, launched in 1984 to develop the free software operating system GNU. The name ``GNU'' is a recursive acronym for ``GNU's Not Unix''.

GNU is free software: everyone is free to copy it and redistribute it, as well as to make changes either large or small. Non-free software keeps users divided and helpless, forbidden to share it and unable to change it. A free operating system is essential for people to be able to use computers in freedom.
Today, Linux-based variants of the GNU system, based on the kernel Linux developed by Linus Torvalds, are in widespread use. There are estimated to be some 20 million users of GNU/Linux systems today.

Richard Stallman is the principal author of the GNU Compiler Collection, a portable optimizing compiler which was designed to support diverse architectures and multiple languages. The compiler now supports over 30 different architectures and 7 programming languages.

Stallman also wrote the GNU symbolic debugger (gdb), GNU Emacs, and various other programs for the GNU operating system.

Stallman graduated from Harvard in 1974 with a BA in physics. During his college years, he also worked as a staff hacker at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, learning operating system development by doing it. He wrote the first extensible Emacs text editor there in 1975. He also developed the AI technique of dependency-directed backtracking, also known as truth maintenance. In January 1984 he resigned from MIT to start the GNU project.

Stallman received the Grace Hopper award for 1991 from the Association for Computing Machinery, for his development of the first Emacs editor. In 1990 he was awarded a Macarthur foundation fellowship, and in 1996 an honorary doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. In 1998 he received the Electronic Frontier Foundation's pioneer award along with Linus Torvalds. In 1999 he received the Yuri Rubinski award. In 2001 he received a second honorary doctorate, from the University of Glasgow, and shared the Takeda award for social/economic betterment with Torvalds and Ken Sakamura. In 2002 he was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering, and in 2003 to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2003 he was named an honorary professor of the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria in Peru, and received an honorary doctorate from the Free University of Brussels. In 2004 he received an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Nacional de Salta, in Argentina."
- Dr. Stallman's Homepage

(Courtesy BBC World /Click)

Warnings of 'internet overload'

This week on Click (Yes one of my Fav in BBC World ) Spencer was talking about Internet Overload. Over the past few years Internet has very well affected our lives both in a good way as well as in the bad way. In the program he tries to highlight the changes that has taken place in the industry over the year.

"Back in the early 90s, those of us that were online were just sending text e-mails of a few bytes each, traffic across the main US data lines was estimated at a few terabytes a month, steadily doubling every year"
As mentioned in it , yes Internet was widely used simply to send text mails and now its even bigger chunks of data that is being sent in the form of video and audio.

"But digital meltdown is not the only threat facing the net. There are other, more sudden, real world hazards which the net has to protect against.

Anything from terror attacks to, would you believe it shark bites, can and have taken out major links and routers."

Well the threat possesed is also iminent , but is it something that could really happen?

LEDS Discuss the matter then friends.............

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why the Hue and Cry for Mother tongue????

This topic may look like an out dated one but for me ,it still isnt. In the past few months I have witnessed inexplicable number of agitations, yes AGITATIONS, for the betterment of mother tongue .I simply don't understand the reason why these people are running such a “movement” for mother tongue ,not at least against English.

For the past 60 years ,our nation has traversed through a series of reformations thereby it earned the name of the leading developing nation , though the term is in use for almost a decade. Over these years we have encouraged foreign investments (lately) only keeping in mind the income that could be generated from it. Many businesses began and I am proud to say that Iv become a part of one such company that has helped our country earn more foreign currency.

Now coming to the topic , there has been a huge amount of uproar that has taken place in the State over the issue of the extensive usage of English in schools and different other places. See for those who have a financial setup to send there child to an English medium school , its obvious that the child would be taught to speak in English. It doesnt really mean that the school is deliberately imposing English language in the mind of children. Now here if you could note it there arises another issue on which we could discuss , that is , Education. We'll discuss it later .

The aim of the institution is to bring the student out as a potential software engineer or doctor or may be even an Art expert. The world speaks a common language and that is English as far as I know. In India , its evident that employment is provided by a considerable number of companies where there is interaction with English speaking countries or English speaking people. So the people who struggle for Mother tongue must understand that its not a sin to learn English. I do agree that we shouldn't abase our mother tongue but we shouldn't abdicate English or any other foreign language that proves to be beneficial for us , whether in the pursuit of a job or Studies. Simply because...When you meet someone in the streets of NY , we just cant simply accost in Malayalam and ask him “Samayam endai? ”, it has to be either “May I know the time? “ or with a little respect “Sir , may i know the time please ?” ......Lolzz

(sumthng similar to this..)


I was thinking about a topic which I could work out really and bring out a good program. One fine NIGHT ..(yeah U Read it... NIGHT), i was wandering through the severla hits I got for a Googling of "free web hosting" and I was given a site " . It was a good site through which the author is willing to share many informations.(mostly hackz to the users...) I found it to be really interesting and bookmarked it. In that site I found a way to lock a folder and later Unlock it. So i thought why dont i write a Pgm in java that would lock a folder...I have started working on the program today. The main idea behind is to create certain " bat" files that would make a folder private. Suppose you wish to make a folder , say , "GRE" in the Drive labelled E:/ private. What you have to do is.. 1) In the same drive create a text file and type
ren GRE GRE.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}
Now save this text file as loc.bat

Create another text file and type in it
ren GRE.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} GRE
Now save this text file as key.bat

Now you can see 2 batch files loc and key. Press loc and the folder games will change to control panel and you cannot view its contents. Press key and you will get back your original folder. try it out!!!!!!!

This was the information i found in the site and Im trying to implement the same using Java..

(Hopfuly i get sumthng like this one day....)
Finally Adsense Is hErE...............

Its been a loooong tyme since i have started bloggin . Thanks to Justin who led me into this. Well he is an individulalwho has influenced me aloot in my life. His vision, his approach ,his attitude ..has always helped me to do things which has lead me to the heights in which I am nw.

Talking about Adsense , I have sent an application long tyme back and there wusnt any response. As for the newbies....Google is a GENIUS and mind you they are so powerful that they could monitor your daily internet activity ...nevertheless ur Googling....So they did "monitor" that my Blog wouldnt earn them any revenue and so they rejected my initial application :P ..NW i just thot i wud send em a new request. So i simply applied and to my surprise they ACCEPTED ma request .

I received a cnfrmation email today and upon logging in I was asked to select the kind of Ads i want in my Blog . I selected Ads by content because i believe it does make look my blog a Pro one. Once the steps where completed , I could find an ad appearing on the left pane and OMG,,,,I have ads nw.....

I would be grateful to Google if they gime more ads and most importantly some kweel cash.. hehe

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Please Sign in Or Else..........

Today i was reading the CHIP magazine and in the editorial i found a piece with the same title. After reading that only I became so alert that I started suspecting the credibilty of ma Favourite site of all ...Google....most importantly the Orgn as such....Google Inc.. It has inspired me over the past few years and as a result of serious Googling and reading , I have arrived at a judgmnt that Google is safe...

But the question is ..What if Google get "Personalized?" I mean...nowdays what u need to do up your browser....( i use Firefox only..)..then type in ur fav addres....( ;) ofcourse) and just send in the query...It is a fact the technology is so advanced that Google has the capacity to store some private Info about you in their servers,,,and this is wht ppl get frustrated..The question of security arises...But as far as I knw they are Intelligent people and they do have the techno to tackle such issues.....

For me , my web presnce is mainly due to Google..I blog ,i orkut and i do participate in Groups..So what if i face a situation whre google wants u to sign in even for a search???
Hope thre wnt be....But by dng so they r proving themselves to be the Monopoly in the Business...As a result Googling mite bcum personalized and may be MANDATORY too,.

After all its google right??? [;)]......

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ubuntu and Mark Shuttle "Worth"

I have been using Ubuntu for the past 1 year or so...I still remember it wus a June evening .When i came back from Colege i found the sealed package from Canonical..yeah all da way from other side of the world. It was really a cool experience, to receive something which i consider precious.

Mark Shuttleworth was a name that I had just heard of but soon after I came to know about more of him (Yeah the "freak" who sold his Internet security company for a Space travel for some zillions...Well he did Invest the rest and became the top notch crusader for OSS and Ubuntu mainly). He is really a source of inspiration not only in the sense that he encourages OSS but by being one of the youngest Billionaire.. Infact he plays different roles in his life by being the patron of KDE, Shuttleworth Foundation , Ubuntu and HBD Venture Capital.
So I thought I would simply google for Mark Shuttleworth and the first result itself was more than enough for me...In this site maintained by Mr Mark , he carefully examines the role of OSS esp Ubuntu in the field on education , criticises Microsoft in a way you would like to hear [:P]..

The one thing among several others which attracted me is

" When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return. " — Leonardo da Vinci

Such a genius .....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It really came as a shocker.....

I received the medical kit around the 17th of last month and without further delay i did the medical test.Soon i got my SBI kit . The formalities are seemingly complex but they arent really. Though the form LUKS complicated, its simple (HOPFULLY). After a few days I got my appt letr as an email and this is wht I mention as SHOCKER...It was mentioned that I have to report on the 15th June.. Well that date was really close and I dint have any idea where to start with.

Since my S6 werent out, i decided to call Wipro and thnak god for making me do that call. It was timely and now after sending them an email , I got my indication that the DOJ has ben changed but the new DOJ wud be emailed to you sooner or later..

Hoping for the best........Do pray for me folks...

What Is Sudoku????

"Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid.

Completed Sudoku puzzles are a type of Latin square, with an additional constraint on the contents of individual regions. Leonhard Euler is sometimes incorrectly cited as the source of the puzzle, based on his work with Latin squares.[1]

The modern puzzle was invented by an American, Howard Garns, in 1979 and published by Dell Magazines under the name "Number Place".[2] It became popular in Japan in 1986, after it was published by Nikoli and given the name Sudoku, meaning single number. It became an international hit in 2005. "

You people would be wondering whether I have gone crazy..Well the truth is no, but yes. I havnt gone crazy but I have gone crazy with Sudoku. As a matter of fact , last week , one of ma new but DEAR friend , invited me to her place for lunch. Well that was really the very first time Iv been invited to a gal's place . But I must say that was AWSOME.

Leme tell you bout ma new friend. Her name is Cauvery and just like any other friend of her , I too call her Cau. (Yeah Cow ;) U heard me ryte :P ) . She was a total stranger till a few months back when i saw her in orkut and I added her as my friend. Well I believe the friendship started growing well and good and I sincerely belive that Am a guuuud frnd of hers.. She is typically and YES TYPICALLy an egoistic gal But with a Distinct Attitude. In short she is SIMPLy GR8. It was from her that i drew the interest in playing the Sudoku and Mind u its good for your mental development. ( I didnt say mentally retarted ..hehe )...

[ This is fun game but leme warn you those who dusn hav patience need not play this. ]

You would find plenty os sudoku in