Sunday, July 29, 2007

Windows Version -nmap in Java.

Once i started using nmap in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, i was thinking about writing the same as a Java application. I thought there wasnt a Windows version for it, but i was quite sure there was one. So i kick-started my Netbeans. I find Netbeans as a very useful tool in doing these kind of projects . I a, m a person who was interested in hand coding the program , but i now realise the potential of an IDE and their wide spread use. You can download Netbeans from here. ..

Yeah after firing it up..I pulled out some labels and stuff and just created a rough design of it. After all this work only i realised that there is a Mecashaft Windows version of the same. Get it from here.

See friends I would like to continue with the work i started and hopfully i finish it before its tooo late.. ;)..Yeah...Humans..ryt? :P

SO here is the screen shot of the prototype...Not a complete though...

Now please dont mind some of the softwares that you would see at the bottom of the image...What i have to say again....HUmans....

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts. Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering, what operating systems (and OS versions) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics.

Nmap runs on most types of computers and both console and graphical versions are available. Nmap is free and open source. I was interested in some DNS hack .To state it clearly, I would say that I came across this Page in between the search and Boy o boy Isnt Bob Awsome??? Read More.....
Diary of a hack attack

So coming back to NMAP. Why I talking about using nmap because it is one of the acclaimed tool used by hackers ...So I used Synaptic to install nmap and nmapfe ( GUI for nmap)as I am using Ubutnu (Feisty Fawn).

fig .1 Install nmap and nmapfe using Synaptic

After installation ,Run " sudo nmapfe" in the terminal as one need Root access to use some functionalities. Once the window appears, an experiencd hacker knows what kind of attack he has to perform. Myself being a starter asked one of my Online friend to share the IP. Once i got the IP , I ran the most basic of all test , the SYN Stealth Scan for OS detection. The results were amazing. Check the picture..Phewww,,,,,,,

fig.2 Result-nmapfe

It revealed the most IMPORTANT results as far as an experienced hacker is concerned. It was shown that there was no Firewall protection for that system ,so when I asked my friend , it was true. Firewall wasnt enabled. This time he was a scapegoat , but all other times majority of Windows users and say a handful of Linux users become victim of attacks using such powerful tools.

Ubuntu Counter Project

Once i became a registered Linux User with # 450539 as my Linux user number, I thought why should i restrain myself from registering my Ubuntu to a related project, which I was damn sure about. So once again a simple googling derived
Ubuntu Counter as the desired page.

fig 1. Ubuntu Counter Project-Home page

Now click the Register link on the top and you be directed to a page that looks like the one below.

fig.2 Ubuntu Counter Project Register page

Once you have furnished the information, Click Submit and have registered your Ubuntu machine..Ye Ye and upon logging to your ID , you'll get a home page like this

fig.3 Home page

As you can see , you are provided with an array of options like RSS feed to other Users, Machines, Reports etc etc. Fellow Netizens (yeah i use it man just for the sake of it) Im updating my blogs from my Ubuntu Feisty only and i would like to continue that streak as long as Im in town...

Normally Nix people conclude there Replies/Comments esp in Usenet with a note that shows their machines Uptime

Please feel free to visit the link and you'll know what it means..So here is my "uptime"

22:43:39 up 7:54, 2 users, load average: 0.31, 0.68, 0.71

Eyeeaahaaa.... Go Ape......

Linux User Number

Though i started using Linux almost a year back, an important thing I missed was that I hadn't registered my Linux machine till now. Actually with the vast resource of Google available infront of me, I didnt take the pain to google for a small set of words "linux user number".

And it took me a full year to register my linux box. But dont blame me dude..actually the Linux i registered is just a few weeks old..YEah its the Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) Im talking about. So i didnt do any crime, which otherwise I would like to call it because myself being a self-proclaimed Evangelist shouldn't back of from any thrilling adventures in the Nix world like these.

Ok Upon googling I got the Official Linux counter website which is

fig 1 Home page

Once you are in this page , Click "Count your machine" link . It would direct you into a new page. There you have to input some details like your email id and others. Its no BiG deal as nothing is No BiG deal in Nix world...(See i told you naa am an evangelist.. :P) .And at the end you would be given a Linux User # like what you see in the picture below

Now that Iam officially in the database of Linux users and I can use this number to refer my system in Forums and mailing lists..Ye ye .A notable feature of this project is that almost all of the User validation and other user information is processed by Perl and CGI script..Cooll Huh??? THe Safest one around..Now am officially a Linux user with # 450539 as my number

Friday, July 20, 2007

Whas under the hood with Ext4?

From Wiki.

The ext4, or fourth extended filesystem is a journalled file system that was revealed on October 10, 2006 by Andrew Morton as a compatible improvement to the ext3, featuring support for volumes up to 1 exabyte (1024 petabytes) and added extent support.

It was included in version 2.6.19 of the Linux kernel which was released on November 29, 2006.

The ext4 filesystem is backward compatible with ext3, that is, it can be mounted as an ext3 partition (using “ext3” as the filesystem type when mounting). Similarly, mounting an ext3 filesystem as ext4 is also possible (using the “ext4dev” filesystem type). However, if the ext4 partition uses extents (one of the major new features of ext4), backward compatibility and therefore the ability to mount the filesystem as ext3 is lost. Extents are not used by default; the “extents” option is explicitly required (e.g. mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/point -t ext4dev -o extents).

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Azim Premji's thought..Worth reading....

This post has nothing to do with me getting into Wipro in a while. I got this matter as a forward mail. After going through the words from a mentor of a multi-millions dollar company, I thought i should record these ideas in the Blog . As a result only Im posting it. Enjoy Reading... :)

"While change and uncertainty have always been a part of life, what has been shocking over the last year has been both the quantum and suddenness of change. For many people who were cruising along on placid waters, the wind was knocked out of their sails. The entire logic of doing business was turned on its head. Not only business, but also every aspect of human life has been impacted by the change. What lies ahead is even more dynamic and uncertain. I would like to use this opportunity to share with you some of our own guiding principles of staying afloat in a changing world. This is based on our experience in Wipro. Hope you find them useful.

First, be alert for the first signs of change. Change descends on every one equally; it is just that some realize it faster. Some changes are sudden but many others are gradual. While sudden changes get attention because they are dramatic, it is the gradual changes that are ignored till it is too late. You must have all heard of story of the frog in boiling water. If the Temperature of the water is suddenly increased, the frog realizes it and jumps out of the water. But if the temperature is very slowly increased, one degree at a time, the frog does not realize it till it boils to death. You must develop your own early warning system, which warns you of changes and calls your attention to it. In the case of change, being forewarned is being forearmed.

Second, anticipate change even when things are going right . Most people wait for something to go wrong before they think of change. It is like going to the doctor for a check up only when you are seriously sick or thinking of maintaining your vehicle only when it breaks down. The biggest enemy of future success is past success. When you succeed, you feel that you must be doing something right for it to happen. But when the parameters for success changes, doing the same things may or may not continue to lead to success. Guard against complacency all the time. Complacency makes you blind to the early signals from the environment that something is going wrong.

Third , always look at the opportunities that change represents. Managing change has a lot to go with our own attitude towards it. It is proverbial half-full or half-empty glass approach. For every problem that change represents, there is an opportunity lurking in disguise somewhere. It is up to you to spot it before someone else does

Fourth, do not allow routines to become chains. For many of us the routine we have got accustomed to obstruct change. Routines represent our own zones of comfort. There is a sense of predictability about them. They have structured our time and even our thought in a certain way. While routines are useful, do not let them enslave you. Deliberately break out of them from time to time.

Fifth, realize that fear of the unknown is natural. With change comes a feeling of insecurity. Many people believe that brave people are not afflicted by this malady. The truth is different. Every one feels the fear of unknown. Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to manage fear without getting paralyzed. Feel the fear, but move on regardless.

Sixth, keep renewing yourself. This prepares you to anticipate change and be ready for it when it comes. Constantly ask yourself what new skills and competencies will be needed. Begin working on them before it becomes necessary and you will have a natural advantage. The greatest benefit of your education lies not only in what you have learnt, but also in working how to learn. Formal education is the beginning of the journey of learning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This isnt show-off OK?

Now the following picture shows the detailed list of the names and nationality of the ISPs of those users who visit my blog and also a graph depicting the nationalities of users of web visiting my blog

. These stats are generated, thanks to a free site called - and in just a few steps, you too can have your stats about your blog/site generated in real-time !

fig 1
fig 2

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I just couldn't resist from posting this..Sorry

fig 1. Watch closely you would see the desktop on the LHS screen. Actually I wus running LOR movie in Totem in a transparent mode and to the right its Rhytmbox in Action..Yeye

fig 2. Now continues the Beryl Magic. The following is one of the renowned effect in Beryl..the Desktop Wave..hehehe

fig 3. Now another Wave..Its the window wave..Cool naa???

fig 4. Finally the mouse pointer wave....HEHE.....

Monday, July 16, 2007


Beryl Magic hehe

Fig 1

Fig 2

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Compiz desktopmanager + Murina Linsta Custom theme..

A custom desktop...Expec
t more in future....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

XSS Scanner

What is Cross Site Scripting?

Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications which allow code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users. Examples of such code include HTML code and client-side scripts. An exploited cross-site scripting vulnerability can be used by attackers to bypass access controls such as the same origin policy. Recently, vulnerabilities of this kind have been exploited to craft powerful phishing attacks and browser exploits. Cross-site scripting was originally referred to as CSS, although this usage has been largely discontinued. "

Recently I have started thinking about making my machine send packets to my ISP which has its server ,timed for allowing me to browse only after 10PM. Idea was kinda DNS Hack. As a result of which i stumbled across a forum which i must say is too cool

Actually i got slightly deviated from my aim when i saw another important matter by the name Cross Site Scripting a.k.a XSS. SInce there was Python preinstalled in my Feisty , I didnt think twice to download a XSS Scanner , which is a Python code that is mainly aimed at identifying Cross Scripting flaws of a site .

nandu@nandu-desktop:~/Desktop/XSS$ python -s 80

d3hydr8[at]gmail[dot]com XSS Scanner v1.3

[+] XSS_scan Loaded
[-] Verbose Mode Off
[+] Alert: D3HYDR8%2D0wNz%2DY0U
[+] XSS Payloads: 6
[+] Site:
[+] Port: 80
[+] Started: Sat Jul 14 02:00:57 2007

[-] Cancel: Press Ctrl-C

[+] Searching:

[+] Potential XSS found: 0

[-] No data written to disk

[-] Done - Sat Jul 14 02:01:07 2007

The above output is generated when you run the script. I had one with the site of my ISP as target .Since the results turned out to be BiG i added this. Enjoy XSS and its hi-time that i start some Python lesson or find an alternative to it.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


From the very minute I happened to hear about WINE, I started all sorts of things to make it run on my Dapper Drake which failed Miserably. But the news came with the sweetness of honey that a AMD64 version is released with Edgy onwards and the wait for my Feisty became freaky. Today from the "Cross Platform" section in Synaptic I selected Wine and I had to wait for another 10 minutes to complete the download and installation.

What is Wine?


Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix.

Think of Wine as a compatibility layer for running Windows programs. Wine does not require Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely free alternative implementation of the Windows API consisting of 100% non-Microsoft code, however Wine can optionally use native Windows DLLs if they are available. Wine provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes, including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris.

More information can be read in the articles Why Wine is so important, and Debunking Wine Myths. If you are wondering how well a particular application works in Wine, please examine the Applications Database. For installation instructions and step-by-step help with running Wine, take a look at the User Guide.

Wine is free software. The licensing terms are the GNU Lesser General Public License.

I have read in the Ubuntu Forum that the very first command to run is "winecfg" which would bring up a window like the following:

Once you add your windows directories to it (which ofcouse is as simple as reading this now )click apply. Now the sweetest thing you could do is to type

"wine" followed by your directory path ending with the .EXE which you wish to run and hit enter. Wait for a few seconds and Voila you would see the Magic.

Check these out:

fig 2: Media Player Classic

fig 3: Which Firefox is Better??Lolzz...

(LHS Windows one)

fig4: Unreal Tournament But a failed attempt...Leme c to it hmmmm

I would be posting more on my Feisty adventures in the days that follows....Loolzz

Keep Linuxing.....Ubuntu Forever..............

Beryl Magic

After my NVIDIA driver update, I could very well make use of the Graphics ability of my graphics card (nVIDIA GeForce 6100 ) and one such application is the Beryl. By default ,in Feisty , there is Compiz.

But if you would like to add more spice, just open your Synaptic and search for Beryl. You have to install the core files and the theme files. Once the important installations are done, in terminal , type beryl-manager.

This would open up the Icon for Beryl manager. You may include different themes as you like. But ofcourse there was a crash which i didnt anticipate. But after all its my Ubuntu na...I JUST DONT MIND...Myself being a noob, find it exciting to do things all alone and never to say about the experts who virtually ake there friends to a whole new world with the settings they make in Desktop managers like this. Ubuntu Forever...


fig 1 : The illustrous Cube..hehe

fig 2: See that transparent Bar?Das wht am talkin bout


After all those "glitches" i mentiond........

Now once i updated my Feisty, Boy -o - boy..I jus Enabled the desktop effects and voila there you have Cool Woobling Transparency effects,,,
Its better you see it for urself...Here are da pics

Fig1. Transparency- Firefox and GAIM

Fig 2 - Wobbly GAIM Chat window.

Fig 3 - Alt-Tab in action

Fig 4- Synaptic or Firefox?????

Friday, July 06, 2007

You need Vista ?HERe take my Feisty INSTEAD...

On 2007-06-15, I requested for a 64-bit version of my Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and to my surprise it took them it took them less than a month to deliver me one. Yes am talking about my Ubuntu 7.04 which was delivered by Canonical from The Netherlands.

It was exactly one year back i got my Ubuntu Dapper Drake in the same manner. Boy, Aint thrilled?..Lolz..
This time in the cd cover, they have mentiond"Pass it On". Well I dont blame them.Now dont consider that its because the company is stopping the free delivery( Or is it?) all of a sudden, but its because they dont want you to waste your time waiting for one. So get it from me OK if you are using a AMD64.

It has a new GRUB. I popped it in but this time it took them some time to finish the installation. ALso there was a bug in it. It was like when I tried to change the screen saver I got suddenly logged out. I havent faced such issue in Dapper. Well I DONT MIND. :P. But there is something i would mind as it was the screen resolution. It didnt take the default as 1024 X 768 but 800 X 600..

SO if you are looking for a counter Vista Linux, I would suggst you the Ubuntu. For activating the Desktop effect, better download the driver . I like the way its ben organised too. Hopfully i get the neccesary updates also ..


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Inscrutable Americans

You people would be wondering how on earth a jerk like me could really read something which is been considered as one of the Best writing ever written,that too myself being a self proclaimed one..(yeah Jerk ;)

This book was suggested by my friend Cauvery who told me that it was all about an Indian student, typically a village guy who goes to the US for his Diploma in Chemical Eng, to add more ammunition in his arsenal, so that he could help his father's Hair Oil facctory..yeah...After reading the first few pages itself(yeap i strtd today...done with 50 pages), it gives a feeling how DumB people could really be. But keeping the authors feelings in mind, i realise that he has pointed out the amusement that one feels especially when some one starts a life in the US. sallow Randy, Gopal Kumar are the few names that one wouldnt forget for years . Its a class act and Im surprised to see myself loving this book.(More impotanlty Loving to read BOOOKS hehehe)