Saturday, December 27, 2008


It’s been 2 months since I have blogged. Now am back home for yet another holiday, I think I should take this opportunity to scribble down something.

This Xmas holiday, I believe would be the turning point in my life. This one year which would pass of in another week’s time has been a memorable year in my life with so many downs I should say.

I always used to say “HUMANS” with a variety of meanings according to the situation. I have seen may people in this life span of 22 years. (well exclude the first 6-7 years) . Many have influenced my life a lot. Like my mom , my grandma , dad and some close friends. But this last year has been remarkable in my life with people coming in and going out of my life so easily. Sadly all of them were my good friends. If one had her own problems, ways of solving things another had attitude issue. Another…it continues.

All these incidents have one way or other disturbed me a lot. Infact affected my peace of mind like anything. They were not ready to listen to me as they had their points to be made. Well I was helpless. During all these mayhem what was so helpful was the support from my mom. No one would be as perfect a patient listener than she (All moms are like that ). And also concentrating on work gave me enough pressure that I dint get time to think about any other issues.

I hope by god’s grace everything would get well in the coming year and hope it would bring me peace of mind and most importantly success in my activities.

Merry Christmas.