Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well ..The past few days have been so eventful that I just cant find enuf space to fill in my excitement .I was using my XP for important work ,the 2 projects Im working on.One in JSP and another one in Java.(Yeah One way or another related to Java..)
I was told about the might of .Net ,but i just cant figure out Y Subru project crashed...( :D )..Im little worried bout the JSP project as its approaching the deadline.The interesting things i wus refering to wus related wid OSes.I thought of re-installing XP,but ended up in ruins.Den i got one CD frm Justin and also da openSuSe 10.2 DVD frm justin which i wus reaally lukin fwd to installing.So finally nw i hav openSuse 10.2,Ubuntu and the XP.As justin has mentioned in hsi post,i too found out w3m which is a text based browser in Ubuntu.Its lightning fast mindyou.EJB nightmares continue..........................

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