Monday, March 12, 2007



I told you naa i wud be dng Lg3d in my Ubuntu box....After all the patience i showed in downloading the below said files paid off (Mind U---I hav the freaking Slow TATA Indicom Wireless connection)..I used FDM to schedule my download and yesterday I was awake ,determined to finish the downloads.So I spent my time watching the Casino Royale DVDRip till 2:30 AM .Alas the download was finished and so did the movie. When i got up in the morning ,I was tired really. Over that ,there was no current supply @ college and it was all sweating and whining and hahahaha wat all things we cud do we did it. Poor teacher couldnt withstand the emotion [:D]

After I had visit by Anoop and Unni ,i completed another few pages of my assignment.Then i thought of doing LG3D in ma Ubuntu.SO after 9:45PM ,i logged into my Ubuntu. The installation was smooth except the in-between License agreement (Sun Microsystems gona miss that part in Future hopfully)
.Now when i logged out I could find the "Look Like Glass" stuff in my Session screen.A 2 second delay and whoossshh...THere I have my LG3D desktop..Took dis screenshot and also planning to include a video in YouTube..That would also happen at the earliest........Enjoy...People go for it....................................

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