Sunday, May 13, 2007

Microsoft .Net

For the past few weeks Ive been learning XML as part of my 3rd semester in NIIT but unfortunately our Sir got sick and now Anil sir is teaching us VB.Net in order to keep the trak steady. The first impression is good.Well Impressive i must say.

Anil sir is an excellent teacher and the way he teaches is so simple that we dont get confused. Today in my second class i learned how to create a simple windows form .Basically it was a simple form for user authentication

Visit for more on Visual Studio 2005 ,which we are using.

Its hard for them to provide us Visual Studio 2005 as they use authenticated copy of it and they had to shell out some 2 lakhs Rs for the stuf..So i better rely on the pirated version..Poor me...

As long as piracy is NOT an offence in India ,people like me would continue using PIRATED s/ws....Poor developers.........


Anonymous said...

Hi nandu,

Piracy is clearly a criminal offence in India as stated in the Indian IT act 2005. So even though you may be using pirated softwares knowingly/unknowingly, I think, confessing it publicly may not be such a good idea and to me, it seems like a challenge to the Indian Judiciary and to the people who enforce it.

Thank you.

swaroop said...

dude u forgot to mention the anonymous chat (with cancer)that u had ?

Anonymous said...

Swaroop said:
>>dude u forgot to mention the anonymous chat (with cancer)that u had ?

With all due respect, could you please clear the ambiguity by explaining what you intended to say.

What is this 'anonymous chat with cancer' all about ?

Is that some person you are referring to. Considering cancer as disease in this context doesn't make much sense !

Thank you.