Saturday, June 16, 2007

(Hopfuly i get sumthng like this one day....)
Finally Adsense Is hErE...............

Its been a loooong tyme since i have started bloggin . Thanks to Justin who led me into this. Well he is an individulalwho has influenced me aloot in my life. His vision, his approach ,his attitude ..has always helped me to do things which has lead me to the heights in which I am nw.

Talking about Adsense , I have sent an application long tyme back and there wusnt any response. As for the newbies....Google is a GENIUS and mind you they are so powerful that they could monitor your daily internet activity ...nevertheless ur Googling....So they did "monitor" that my Blog wouldnt earn them any revenue and so they rejected my initial application :P ..NW i just thot i wud send em a new request. So i simply applied and to my surprise they ACCEPTED ma request .

I received a cnfrmation email today and upon logging in I was asked to select the kind of Ads i want in my Blog . I selected Ads by content because i believe it does make look my blog a Pro one. Once the steps where completed , I could find an ad appearing on the left pane and OMG,,,,I have ads nw.....

I would be grateful to Google if they gime more ads and most importantly some kweel cash.. hehe

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Syam said...

good blog. Try To Add More about the new technologies and verify it before presenting in the blog