Saturday, July 07, 2007

Beryl Magic

After my NVIDIA driver update, I could very well make use of the Graphics ability of my graphics card (nVIDIA GeForce 6100 ) and one such application is the Beryl. By default ,in Feisty , there is Compiz.

But if you would like to add more spice, just open your Synaptic and search for Beryl. You have to install the core files and the theme files. Once the important installations are done, in terminal , type beryl-manager.

This would open up the Icon for Beryl manager. You may include different themes as you like. But ofcourse there was a crash which i didnt anticipate. But after all its my Ubuntu na...I JUST DONT MIND...Myself being a noob, find it exciting to do things all alone and never to say about the experts who virtually ake there friends to a whole new world with the settings they make in Desktop managers like this. Ubuntu Forever...


fig 1 : The illustrous Cube..hehe

fig 2: See that transparent Bar?Das wht am talkin bout



Anonymous said...

Man, that was one awesome desktop,i have seen in the recent past.

Do pursue your keen interest in more graphical(in the right sense) desktop enhancements.
I suggest for more eye/mind blogging kde stuff. You could also google for a similar site for Gnome.

Anyway all the best for future enhancemnts !!!.

One more thing,
I would love to see your album(picasa)/website(googlepages) with all these sleek screen shots,hosted by you, pretty soon

And u could also mail to your friends the links to the album/website "showing - off " what linux actually looks like ....



NITHU said...

superb da.....