Sunday, July 22, 2007

Linux User Number

Though i started using Linux almost a year back, an important thing I missed was that I hadn't registered my Linux machine till now. Actually with the vast resource of Google available infront of me, I didnt take the pain to google for a small set of words "linux user number".

And it took me a full year to register my linux box. But dont blame me dude..actually the Linux i registered is just a few weeks old..YEah its the Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) Im talking about. So i didnt do any crime, which otherwise I would like to call it because myself being a self-proclaimed Evangelist shouldn't back of from any thrilling adventures in the Nix world like these.

Ok Upon googling I got the Official Linux counter website which is

fig 1 Home page

Once you are in this page , Click "Count your machine" link . It would direct you into a new page. There you have to input some details like your email id and others. Its no BiG deal as nothing is No BiG deal in Nix world...(See i told you naa am an evangelist.. :P) .And at the end you would be given a Linux User # like what you see in the picture below

Now that Iam officially in the database of Linux users and I can use this number to refer my system in Forums and mailing lists..Ye ye .A notable feature of this project is that almost all of the User validation and other user information is processed by Perl and CGI script..Cooll Huh??? THe Safest one around..Now am officially a Linux user with # 450539 as my number

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