Monday, August 20, 2007

Proud Ubuntu Consultant..( Was free ok?)

Well it was around 9:15 PM IST when i received a call in my landline. Upon my "Hello?", a familiar voice responded with his eloquent voice. It was none other than Mr Swaroop, my mate when i was in NIIT (Well he still is :D) . Just like the very old days , when i was crazy about getting my hands dirty with Linux, this guy was all charged up for the last 2 months or so. He says he liked what I ve been doing with my Ubuntu and all..(But really WHAT DID I REALLY DO? Ans: NOTHING )

You may call it humbleness (well to tell you frankly I expect a comment on this post from none other than my friend Mr Smith , but i guess he wont do even as an anonymous user after reading this line :P lolz )

Seriously, i wanted to become some one who has some expertise in something. You see Im proud to say that whatever i did, i did it from my heart. And i like the way things are turning out to be. Now am busy myself teaching myself the widely accepted scripting tool , Perl ( B-) )

Ok coming back to the topic. Swaroop has a 2 Mbps Internet connection and mind you the foreign readers, 2 Mbps is really some serious speed in India (Damn you Indian govt ..Why cant they go for higher bandwith? ...) He downloaded his Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn ( See everybody in this world like Ubuntu Hehe ..All Hail Mark All Hail Mark). But this chap has already ordered his copy of Ubuntu through Shipit . [ I told him before downloading" Patience my Boy "..Well he didnt have any :( ].

Ok today he got his copy of Feisty all the way from Canonical. So he put the CD , booted into the Ubuntu Liv
e Environment and unfortunately he thought the everything was over. But see Im the consultant naa, I said "Whuuzup Chuck?!! It aint over yet . Double click the Install button and then only the fun begins..."..He did just as what i said. While i was explaining to him what to do over the phone ( well i dint see anythng oke?) , I was thinking How cool is it to help some one like this and earn some reputation?...The fact is what i did has got nothing to do with Reps and I am a proud Linux evangelist who did his part in spreading the "Linux for Humans " motto as put forward by Mr Mark Shuttle Worth.

I took Mr Swaroop through the different partitions available in Ubuntu and what he should do a, how to enables the Desktop Effects [ Truth is he was virtually frightened to see the window wobble and the cubes rotate.. Boyy he didnt expect that when i told him to press the Ctrl + Alt keys , along with a the left mouse button down....and yeah yea...You know what happens...:D]
Now lets see how far he goes and I bet he would be thrilled to learn new things in the following days to come.And dear Readers , Iam available in Google group , uit_tvm and also in Orkut and you may ask your small small doubts and let me try my level best to answer them.

NB: The above request is mainly intended for newbies like me OK? Pros...part me..HEheh...


Justin said...

Smith talks less and he has this to say to the neo of the Ubuntu world

Dear Neo,

Its heartwarming to read and know about the great endeavor you have embarked upon.
And opened yourself(I expect more knowledgeable techies to follow the suit) for the world to taste and exprience the sheer power of Linux.

(Giving the contact options through orkut and uit_tvm, really did strike me -it was way too cool)

I have only this to say.

You simply rock

with regards
Agent Smith


nandu-legendinthemaking said...

Thank you Mr Smith. You always keep me high on spirit.You are my inspiration too..

Talking about the endeavour , wellI am always humble you see...