Saturday, August 18, 2007

Web Conferencing the Tux way

Web conferencing is the newest form of conferencing, which enables collaboration of both audio and video conferencing in an easy manner. There is no upfront cost involved for new hardware and software. With Web conferencing, every aspects of business gets accelerated.

Dimdim is an open source Web conferencing solution. It works seamlessly without any firewall or proxy configuration. One can make presentations , and show applications and desktops to any other person over the Internet. Dimdim is available under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 with attribution. Attendees can use either Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 while presenters can use IE6 or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 on Windows (XP/2000/2003) only. The Dimdim Conference Server has been ported to Linux and Windows.

Similarly, WebEx online meeting solutions are hosted applications , so you don' t need to purchase or install any special software or hardware. With a Web browser and a telephone, you're ready to met online immediately. But there are some minimum requirements that need to be met to host or attend a fully interactive meeting using WebEx solutions for Linux.:

  • Red Hat Linux 7.x , 8 , 9 or compatible versions of the Kernel and XFree86.

  • JVM 1.3.1 or later.

  • Intel x86 or compatible processor

  • 128 MB RAM

  • Netscape 7 or Mozilla 1.4.1 or later

  • Javascript and cookies enabled in the browser.

  • 16-bit or better video display

  • GNOME or KDE windowing system

  • 56K or faster Internet connection.

Make the right choice pal........

fig 1 Dimdim

fig 2 WebEx

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