Monday, October 22, 2007

One and a half month is indeed a lonnnng gap. As i see, my last post was on 13th of September,just 3 days before i left my home for a journey which i would like to call it an EPIC one , as it is THE important jounrney in my life. Yes, i left home to join WIPRO, where i would be working as a Student-Computer Applications along with pursuing an MS from BITS ,Pilani. What am into is a Work-integrated MS programme at the end of which i would get a full time MS degree from BITS.
[Well there are some conditions which i dont want to even think about . Hehe.]
I reached Hyderabad on 18th of September.That was an overnight journey from Banglore where i had to stay for a day and a half to do some bank procedures. On reaching hyderabad, renjith picked me up and dad and I do feel extremely lucky to stay with Renjith , as he is someone who i know.In other cases , its really difficult to find a good accomodation.
So i joined the office on Sept 21st. The next monday, Sept 24th, officially it all started with the FRp training. FRP is a 10 day training program where we were taugtht C and Data Structures (advanced level one can say). After that there was a test. The cut off was 70% , but for us it was made 60.( i do believe its because of the small strenght our batch is having).
It was an unfortunate day that i could clear the test in the first attempt. So we had to attend one week of mentoring classes for the same . Seriously our faculty Mr.Mohan is an EXCELLENT teacher. Hes send here from NIIT. ( The standard always shows naa???? ).During his one week of mentoring, i revised what all i had to. But the feel of not clearing th test was still haunting me.But as always i changed. And one week later, i wrote the retest and cleared the test with 76%(which i personally feel isnt that good :( ). Meanwhile , we had our BU Induction as well as CRP (Corporate Readiness Program). We had some excellent sessions handled by Mr. Reddy , Mr.Sai Diwakar, Ms Pragya etc etc. So once i cleared the test, i was on cloud 9. I couldnt express my happines. But amidst that happiness, was there the sorrow of one of my close friend not making it in the 2nd attempt also. But i do see her scoring good marks in the coming TRP.
Now after a break of 2 days, our TRP started today with C++. Talking about my domain, its called Telecoms Product Engineering and my stream is Systems Programming in Windows. Lets see how it goes as i would be learning quite a lot of new things like MFC,Win32SDK Programming etc etc. In this one month i went out for shopping twice to a place they call BF (BrandFactory) where one would get branded products with offers worth it.And yes , for a movie last week (Bhool Bhulaiyya).
Well to conclude, i didnt get this much time to sit infront of a system and update my blog. Sorry for that. My present location has been shifted from my palacial shack in Trivandrum to a place called Toli Chowki in Hyderabad. But IM HAPPY. Everyday i pray to God that let my next four years be as good as it can be and hope nothing worse/disasterous happens to my life.


Anonymous said...

Hi nandu,

First of all thanks for commenting my blog post. It was indeed a very BBBIIIIIIGGGGGGG surprise.
Almost all my posts were void of comments for some time(esp after you left)

And my hearty congratulation for you success in the exams at Wipro.

Its really cool of you to continue you blog posting for us(serious fans of your blog). Most people think blogging as time pass, and drop, once they get into something that engages your time, they immediately forget the whole "blogging - thing"

But you have proved all of them wrong and you have made up time for this post even during this tight schedule of yours.

So do keep posting for your dear ardent fans of your blog.

All the best and wish you all sucess on behalf of all bloggers

with regards

Mr.Smith(frm MAtrix)

swaroop said...
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