Monday, April 13, 2009

GRUBing ;)

I was thinking about configuring my Ubuntu machine to a “build” machine for a long time ;).Since my new found ( old actually ) companion is C language, i thought i should go the gcc way of doing things ;)

When i came to my native for a 3 day break , i ran into trouble first of all. I had to re-install, better to say INSTALL my XP machine once again ( reminds me of the phrase “Ohh No..Not again!!!” ) as it was infected with viruses of God-knows-what types..After doing that i came across another issue, which ofcourse is as simple as am typing now.Hehe


I had a dual boot PC with Ubuntu 8.04 and Mecashaaft XP.

The MBR was written with GRUB.

Now when i reinstalled XP , the boot loader was re-written with the XP one.

I wanted my old GRUB to be the bootloader .. ( As i am used to it u see :P )


Thinking about the solution to this problem.. I knew i had already made a post regarding this in my blog ( Yes i have done this before ). So what i needed was a Live-CD to login to Net. Yes, you saw it/ read it right . LIVE CD TO LOGIN TO NET.

I had my copy of Granular Linux with me ( zillion thanksssss to Justin , He gave me that. I owe you man) and with no hesitation i popped in my Granular. Seriously that is one gem of a distro.

And once the Granular was up, i merrily opened the Firefox and logged into the ISP account. Then searching through the older posts, i found the much needed post.Also a google gave me a genuine result. I would better explain the steps once again.

Step 1 : Open a Terminal/ Console window.

Step 2 : Type in “sudo grub” [Note: Super user mode is necessary].

Step 3 : Once you are in the grub ,Enter find /boot/grub/stage1 . This would yield an output,

similar to “root (hd?,?) “ . This is where your GRUB would get installed.

Step 4 : Now enter “setup (hd0)”

Step 5 : Quit.

Thats it... Now you have your GRUB instead of the Win XP bootloader as well your existing Linux distro would become accesible.

More about the build venture in the next entry. Happy Linuxing. :)

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