Monday, September 25, 2006


                            Fi g 1)New Opera 9.02 in action(See the tooltip)                                          


                                              Fig 2) Zone Alarm Suite in action.
      Yes I know i cannot justify for not blogging for almost a week,but i was enjoying my dialup
connection which i managed to setup all by myself.Yeah i still feel proud of my self.But two days
back i met with a "disaster".I dont know it was whether it was due to the Advanced Installer ,i 
installed for creating a "setup.exe"  for our self-undertaken project in JAVA.It worked but what happened was that after the next restart i couldnt open a damn single thing because "rundll32.exe" an all important one wasnt loaded .Even for opening the Run command i had to face a Open With dialog box.

Unfortunately i was so disturbed that i couldnt even think of taking a screenshot of it.So i had to format my C: drive.I didnt opt the restore option through Safe Mode.Now after installing XP( sadly SP 1),i feel like the system has gained a kick.Also i am now careful to install everything in my SOFTWARE drive(Yeah i call my D: drive by that name).Here i hav attached two screenshots ,one of new Opera 9.02 in action and other the Zone Alarm Security Suite in action.These are real two good products which every Windows user must have.

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Justin said...


Nice to know that your system is back to noramal

Nice screen shot you have got there.
XP full version with SP1 must have costed you a lot I suppose . Rarely do we find these days who would go for an original copy rather than succumbing to pirate CD "pressures "

bye for now

with regards