Thursday, September 07, 2006

Visit Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six LockDown Website

( Fig . A screenshot from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six LockDown)

Now after payin a visit to Rakeshs house,i realized very much how technology has advanced.I came across a HP Pavillion..a dual core , IGB RAM,nVIDIA GeForce7300 Go (i think so). That was really a cool system and i cud witness a LAN with this beauty on one side and another beauty on the other side.I played UT2004 and FIFA 2006 World Cup .Also i witnessed a LAN in TomClancys Chaos Theory.Now that was such a cool game (esp as it looked astounding on Good graphics configuration).Then i borrowed another game Rainbow Six Lock Down (Tom Clancys ).i shud see how it performs on ma system .Its an AMD64 3000+,512 MB RAM DDR400(sadly) ASUS A8N -VM (with nVIDIA GeForce 6100 and nForce 410).Let me see to it.

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Anonymous said...

its Rakesh!!

readin thrgh this blog i happened to realize he Nandu was shell shocked by the lan party we had
he had typed out the specs of the machine's at my place wrong so here is the original specs!!!

Machine 1 : PC
AMD athlon 3800+
MSI K8NNEO4 Motherboard (2MB cache/800FSB)
240GB SATA harddisk
1024Mb RAM
all this sweetness packed into a 500W powered cabinet!!

Machine 2 : LAPTOP
PENTIUM D11 motherboard
dualcore 2Ghz processor
250GB (11000rpm) SATAII harddisk
1024Mb RAM
NVIDIA 7400GO pro graphics with 512Mb video memory
all this into a original titanium chasis