Saturday, September 09, 2006

Today is one of the most happiest day in my life.After a long time,i successfully mounted my Windows partition into my Ubuntu.Now that i have to find a way to use the dialup connection using Linux an also to fix some probs with the media player .Can any of the readers help me find out necesary fixes(i mean some driver miscrepency).


Justin said...

Hi nandu,

All the best for all your Linux endeavours. Very happy to know that you have successfully installed linux installed in your system and mounted the drives.

I bet its only a matter of months before you kick Windooose out of your system.

with regards

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TRex said...

Hey dude.. Ubuntu won't give you much trouble. After trying out some five-six distributions, I found that Ubuntu is the easiest to work with, though by no means easier than windows :) . But it is an interesting experience and I guess you'll get it up and running soon. There is a program called "Automatix" for ubuntu which makes installing commonly needed software a breeze. Try it out