Friday, October 27, 2006

Its all KDEEEE.................!!!!!

Before installing the shock of installing my first Linux subsided,my attention was drawn
towards the KDE version of my Linux.It is Kubuntu 6.06.So without wasting much time,I went to and placed my order.Exactly after 2 weeks ,i received my parcel with that cool company tag "Canonical".Let me testimony that though i liked the appealing graphics when it came to functionality ,Ubuntu blew my mind.Its way too good (Yeah i know there are (is)other distros which may out perform Ubuntu) .
Now after i pondered my way through the stuff,i discovered several great things like aMaroK n all,but sadly i figured out that it wont play MP3s and i needed some plugins for that.My next step is to find a way to get those.Unlike GNOME(Ubuntu),this KDE version is not that user friendly (as i feel so).I sincerely hope the developers would find a better solution for that.Being a KDE user it is my honor to put up a screen shot of it here.The screenshot is taken when the KDE login screen is trying to Authenticate me in to the desktop [;)]

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