Wednesday, October 18, 2006

                      Creative MuVo TX SE 512 MB

 Today my friend Rakesh came to college and as he promised ,he showed me his    Creative MuVo TX SE 512 MB and it rocks.I listened to "Iam Rock " and it was too good.He is really excited about his MP3 player and proud too.So i take this opportunity to make this entry a
review of Creative MuVo TX SE 512 MB.

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               With so much great music around don't you think it's time you got hold of a decent MP3 player? If the answer is "er, maybe" you're probably one of those CD-worshipping technophobes who is reluctant to take the digital plunge for fear of breaking the bank only to get your tunes in a twist.

              Well, fear not, because the incredibly dinky Creative MuVo TX SE Digital Audio Player is here, and it's not nearly as complicated or expensive as its convoluted name suggests. In fact the superb sounding TX SE is a doddle to operate despite a whole heap of price-defying features. But before we list them it's worth mentioning that this ingenious device is no slacker in the storage stakes. No siree, this pocket-friendly player has an impressive (for its size) 512 MBs of memory - that's enough to store up to 120 songs in MP3 format or 240 in WMA. Imagine trying to cram that many CDs down your trackie pants!

                                    And if you're looking at the TX SE's ludicrously low price tag and envisaging Christmas cracker-esque build quality you'd better envisage again, because the TX SE is a gorgeously engineered little devil that looks, feels and sounds as if it should cost far more than sixty smackers.

Now what about all those lovely features? Well, for starters there's a reversible backlit LCD display that tells you exactly what you're listening to; handy if you're a fan of Elton/Pete collaborations, as you'll never again confuse them with similar sounding files (you know, the ones of cats being castrated and pianos that've just been tuned by Les Dawson falling down flights of stairs).

Next up, the TX SE offers high speed cable-free USB 2.0 connectivity. And transferring tunes and data is easy, even if you're a digital dunce. Simply drag and drop your files straight onto the MuVo. The TX SE also has an integrated microphone that can record up to 16 hours of babbling. Perfect for all you talkative sieve-heads who can't be bothered to write things down.

Did we also mention that the TX SE will play for up to 18 hours from a single AAA battery? We are so good to you ! If all this isn't enough to get you clicking on the 'Add to cart' button the TX SE even features a built-in custom equalizer with four presets.
                                                    The incredible MuVo TX SE measures a mere 35x74x15mm and it weighs in at a gym-friendly 43g (with battery). We could go on about the MuVo TX SE for ages and pages, but it really needs to be seen and heard to be believed. So come on; if you want a lot of sound for your pound in a tiny, idiot-proof package you'd better hurry up and get Creative!

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