Sunday, October 15, 2006

                            Yesterday i was given a question by my friend justin ,that was originally put forward 
by one of my friend Anjana.It was based on Java.Actually she wanted to know the exact details of any file
(like date time etc) that too using a Java program.

                                                         So i went across some programs which i had and also seeked help from Mr Vishakh of NIIT.Atlast a solution was found using which one could find the date ,time at which a particular file was last modified.So i wrote one program.

This program currently accept a file name from the current directory and  would print the above mentioned details.But i also look forward to find a way using which one could find
out a way to find the details at which the file was actually created.Im also enclosing a screenshot of 
how the program window would look like(a comand line window)

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