Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So after a long wait(yeah horrific indeed) ,our fourth semester results were published.
It would be nice to put things in this way.A few weeks back,i met a person who is working with the University.I told me my name and we left.But i saw this same guy last week and i asked my result.
He told me that i scored 489/600.
         Since it was a University exam,i was happy to hear the score especially when i was worried about my Maths mark.I was sure that someone would score more than me esp. Renjini.But i had a small doubt whether i would pull it away.But to my bad luck,two unexpected entries spoiled the party-Anjana and Devi.As expected renjini and Vidya scored the first and second respectively.I was sad but yeah i do believe that i did my part.Let me see whether i can spoil others party atleast.(Hopefully)And my friend justin also did well with 98 in Java (484/600)

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Thanks for mentioning about me in your blog. Do keep updating it every day,

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