Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[Pic of B]
(Sorry guyz cant put her pic w/o her consent)

Betty........Who Is She....

Hmmmm..This is the first time Im blogging about someone who I havnt seen in real but definitely
on many occassions online,even today morning..Yes its Betty...my "Rachel's Moma" ....It wus some 3 months back
that i saw her name in the friend list of seena,my another friend.So i simply added her.
I never thought that she would accept me ,but it happened.From then on i slowly started to keep in touch
Then I added her in my messenger list and one day she came online.It was a fun meeting and
gradually we became good friends.She is a cute girl, a seemingly mature gal,but so simple @ her heart.
She always go down when she finds herself amidst trouble.She had some personal problems when she was in India
and i could guess who it was that caused her trouble.(Sorry Betty I knw tht).

But I must say that she is an intelligent girl,knws everything and does make it worth for what she is learning now.
She know everything from American Lit to Shakespeare..You name it she has the answer. She does love little children and
does some baby sitting kinda work.I must not say that word because its all informal,its her love towards babies that make her do tht.
So all canadian i request you to watch out for her incase you hav some trouble....Okie Im running low on words and I must conclude..
Comments....Naah i dont mind for this slightly off the topiv entry.....May be i should make it as my testimonial to her...hehe