Monday, June 18, 2007

Is this wht I am ???

Last night I was wondering how exulting I have become in what has become the talk of the Day..Blogging...

After seeing Insanity- a way of lyf (Yeah not LIFE).., i was very much encouraged to change my style.Well there has been comments in person ,as scraps in Orkut, offlines in Hooha msngr.,and after seeing those, I have decided to include non technical topics for my friends who believe that am a nerd ,techie who keeps on writing craps again and again...(KIDDDDDIIN OKIEe folkss..You are my inspiration to write again and again ...hehe Sounds like the same old politician campaignin right?)

You people would be wondering why I didn't write Orkut or I did write Orkut in the correct spelling.Right? The reason is as simple as a piece of white paper and again even simpler like a crow shitting on my shoulder .[ ;) ].

As long as the name Orkut ........... lives and as long as it remains a Google product , I would keep on writing it in the correct spelling . Then you people may ask me “Don't you sit all the time infront of Hooha messenger you MORON! ##!@$@!#!?? “

YES I do. That is the truth . I do chat with my friends using Hooha and of course Gtalk (which again is a product of Google [:D] ). But let me make things crystal clear. My net connection is timed in between 10 PM and 8 AM. Once i get log in to the net, (which ofcourse is provided by Asianet , a reputed company that runs..i mean RULEs the cable industry in our state.)

Its only 256kbps @ a decent price. ( NB: Readers OUTSIDE India esp., from countries like USA , Canada , UK are not supposed to laugh at the figure ok?After all its the same India who has become the supposedly best IT Tycoon..But the Legislation STINKS like rotten egg as the Old “ war horses” ( Better i keep my level of decency to the better level now) are simply interested in filling up their Swiss account but there are people who really takes Business as the right sense..

So what have you understood after reading all this??? “ MORON Spitting trash on Web???”

You are wrong mate..Never under-estimate me mate..I would like to mention here that I am a proud manager of uit_tvm which is a Group in Google Groups owned by Justin. Also I do take an “active “ part in the discussions by @least reading the discussion in various other groups including Usenets, which themselves define How Important They Are to the developer world as you could find almost every developer in it Especially the Mighty Linux Developers...I salute you guys/gals...

(Ofcourse there are female developers)...So sigin off for the time being...Tc....


Betty said...

a very good preparation of aviyal..hehe...u started off with discussions abt spellings and non techie topics n ended with linuxxx...good writing tho..wayy to go nanda!

Anonymous said...

We, that would include all techies in real world, would like to pledge support for our dear Nandu.
And as a special request, ask this great techie to continue with this great endeavour that he has embarked upon.

Please do continue the current style that you are following - with more weightage on tech topics, as I am quite sure thats the reason, why so much traffic is getting routed to this great blog. I feel,taking a deviation in this situation may not do as much good as intended. This is my own personal opinion, and do take it with a pinch of salt.

with regards