Monday, June 25, 2007

Secret Writer - DES Algm,ECB mode & PKCS5 Padding

( With reference to the post

On 23rd I did the posting mentioned above. It was basically an encryption program where the cipher uses a key. Different keys will produce different results. SecretWriting stores its key in a file called SecretKey.ser. The first time you run the program, SecretWriting generates a key and stores it in the file. Subsequently, the key is loaded from the file. If you remove the file, SecretWriting will create a new key. Note that you must use the same key to encrypt and decrypt data. This is a property of a symmetric cipher . Once the data is encrypted it is converted into the Base64 format.UTF8 is used as a standard encoding because it can express all Unicode characters.
Well take a glance of the code at

Open Projects For All..

Here check out some screen shots..Initially I thought I would do a non-IDE work only. But once the non-IDE stuff turned out good, the IDE one turned to be even better...Lolz/...

( Using NetBeans)

(The normal Onee)

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