Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun TrIP

It was one of those when i decided to recharge my mobile, and so I got ready around 2:15PM. Well the day started with me getting disturbed by my bro with his clicks n hits on da KBoard..Damn ...

In the morning i spend ma time watching Transporter 2 (Divx) and also doing some serious File Encryption u
sing Java. SO after my lunch i was watching Reign of Fire..

Coming bck,,,,aaround 2:15 i got a message from Nithin, asking me whether i could join them for a trip NOW..So after a ring to ma father, i decided to join them . Sreejith joind later and we were off to Sangumugam beach a nice beach here. Well in the heavy r

ain last week , the walkway was washed and now the tides come a
long way on to the shore.. But altogether it wus a afun experience. THen saw some planes getting air-borne..yeha...

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