Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why the Hue and Cry for Mother tongue????

This topic may look like an out dated one but for me ,it still isnt. In the past few months I have witnessed inexplicable number of agitations, yes AGITATIONS, for the betterment of mother tongue .I simply don't understand the reason why these people are running such a “movement” for mother tongue ,not at least against English.

For the past 60 years ,our nation has traversed through a series of reformations thereby it earned the name of the leading developing nation , though the term is in use for almost a decade. Over these years we have encouraged foreign investments (lately) only keeping in mind the income that could be generated from it. Many businesses began and I am proud to say that Iv become a part of one such company that has helped our country earn more foreign currency.

Now coming to the topic , there has been a huge amount of uproar that has taken place in the State over the issue of the extensive usage of English in schools and different other places. See for those who have a financial setup to send there child to an English medium school , its obvious that the child would be taught to speak in English. It doesnt really mean that the school is deliberately imposing English language in the mind of children. Now here if you could note it there arises another issue on which we could discuss , that is , Education. We'll discuss it later .

The aim of the institution is to bring the student out as a potential software engineer or doctor or may be even an Art expert. The world speaks a common language and that is English as far as I know. In India , its evident that employment is provided by a considerable number of companies where there is interaction with English speaking countries or English speaking people. So the people who struggle for Mother tongue must understand that its not a sin to learn English. I do agree that we shouldn't abase our mother tongue but we shouldn't abdicate English or any other foreign language that proves to be beneficial for us , whether in the pursuit of a job or Studies. Simply because...When you meet someone in the streets of NY , we just cant simply accost in Malayalam and ask him “Samayam endai? ”, it has to be either “May I know the time? “ or with a little respect “Sir , may i know the time please ?” ......Lolzz

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Bets said...

hahaha..Nanduu..i love ur NY example...I guess we should hold enough importance for our rich culture and language but at the same time encourage n promote universalism...good job nanduu....gr8 thinkin!