Sunday, July 29, 2007

Windows Version -nmap in Java.

Once i started using nmap in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, i was thinking about writing the same as a Java application. I thought there wasnt a Windows version for it, but i was quite sure there was one. So i kick-started my Netbeans. I find Netbeans as a very useful tool in doing these kind of projects . I a, m a person who was interested in hand coding the program , but i now realise the potential of an IDE and their wide spread use. You can download Netbeans from here. ..

Yeah after firing it up..I pulled out some labels and stuff and just created a rough design of it. After all this work only i realised that there is a Mecashaft Windows version of the same. Get it from here.

See friends I would like to continue with the work i started and hopfully i finish it before its tooo late.. ;)..Yeah...Humans..ryt? :P

SO here is the screen shot of the prototype...Not a complete though...

Now please dont mind some of the softwares that you would see at the bottom of the image...What i have to say again....HUmans....

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