Friday, July 06, 2007

You need Vista ?HERe take my Feisty INSTEAD...

On 2007-06-15, I requested for a 64-bit version of my Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and to my surprise it took them it took them less than a month to deliver me one. Yes am talking about my Ubuntu 7.04 which was delivered by Canonical from The Netherlands.

It was exactly one year back i got my Ubuntu Dapper Drake in the same manner. Boy, Aint thrilled?..Lolz..
This time in the cd cover, they have mentiond"Pass it On". Well I dont blame them.Now dont consider that its because the company is stopping the free delivery( Or is it?) all of a sudden, but its because they dont want you to waste your time waiting for one. So get it from me OK if you are using a AMD64.

It has a new GRUB. I popped it in but this time it took them some time to finish the installation. ALso there was a bug in it. It was like when I tried to change the screen saver I got suddenly logged out. I havent faced such issue in Dapper. Well I DONT MIND. :P. But there is something i would mind as it was the screen resolution. It didnt take the default as 1024 X 768 but 800 X 600..

SO if you are looking for a counter Vista Linux, I would suggst you the Ubuntu. For activating the Desktop effect, better download the driver . I like the way its ben organised too. Hopfully i get the neccesary updates also ..


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