Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Inscrutable Americans

You people would be wondering how on earth a jerk like me could really read something which is been considered as one of the Best writing ever written,that too myself being a self proclaimed one..(yeah Jerk ;)

This book was suggested by my friend Cauvery who told me that it was all about an Indian student, typically a village guy who goes to the US for his Diploma in Chemical Eng, to add more ammunition in his arsenal, so that he could help his father's Hair Oil facctory..yeah...After reading the first few pages itself(yeap i strtd today...done with 50 pages), it gives a feeling how DumB people could really be. But keeping the authors feelings in mind, i realise that he has pointed out the amusement that one feels especially when some one starts a life in the US. sallow Randy, Gopal Kumar are the few names that one wouldnt forget for years . Its a class act and Im surprised to see myself loving this book.(More impotanlty Loving to read BOOOKS hehehe)

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