Sunday, August 05, 2007

I was introduced to very recently by Justin who has already downloaded plenty of Video tutorials from the site..

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|ShowMeDos are videos made by those in-the-know, sharing their knowledge with you for |free. Watching over the shoulder of an expert is an excellent way to learn - that's what we're |trying to recreate here. If you know something and you'd like to share it, just get in touch.

|Kyran and Ian have been working on the ideas behind ShowMeDo since November 2004. |This site went live December 31st 2005 and has been growing organically every since. 2006 |saw us grow fast in the programming communities and in 2007 we're spending more time on |the site increasing the amount of high-quality tuition material we can offer.


More on ShowMeDo

Ever since the quest for Perl has begun, Justin has been constantly advicing me to go for video tutorials and to be frank after seeing my first video tutorial...Im IMPRESSED.
Now its better you create an account of your own in ShowMeDo and there isnt much to loose.. Lolz. Enjoy the tuts and well who know this might give you enough inspiration to make your own videos.

fig - Looking at an Ubuntu Tut

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