Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bumpy Ride......

It was a bumpy ride from HYD to Bangalore as the infamous highways was full of gutters, humps etc etc making the word infamous apt: P. …..The time was 6:50 in the morning when I woke up from the sleep, well , I should say being throw up the berth of the sleeper coach bus in which we were traveling.hehe.

I’ve always people complaining about bus routes ruining there journey especially as they wake up after a night long ride to find that they can’t go @least to the stinky Railway urinal. But on that day I joined the club as I was desperately trying to hold all such emotions: D..Around 10 AM we reached the Hebbal flyover. I was supposed to join my friend who would be staying @ a place called Marthahalli. So we boarded the bus which would take us to Marthahalli and seriously the walk to the bus stop with that entire luggage….it was horrible.

Upon reaching there, we were given a sumptuous lunch and that lamb fry was superb. We kept some of our luggage there and left the place to his friend’s place. That night we went to a multiplex nearby for a film, Taare Zameen Par , the directorial debut of Aamir Khan.Am not stretching this much like a diary instead I’d quote some events that occurred during this first 10 months of my stay in Bangalore. Well one thing I should say keeping in mind the heterosexuals you find in HYD, the ones here in Bangalore are not that harmful. May be I haven’t had the experience but then as far as I have seen them , they seemed to be OK. I often find them near the Madiwala Ayyapa temple and I know one of there route too hehe... Starting from Madiwala temple till Forum. There are many things in Bangalore that have amazed me, but till now I’ve been careful not to visit any pub ;). Drinking is injurious to health you see. Also in Forum an attraction for me is the Landmark and their collection of books.

I’m staying @ the right place keeping my conveyance to my office in mind. 14 KM by bus and I reach office quite early. I should say unlike people who does the calculation and make it 9.5, I have an average of 10 – 11 per week. Of course not the entire time am productive but 90% of it.
One more important thing is the changes that have happened to my life. I made numerous new friends during this short time and also some of my college friends are here also. I admit that I wasn’t able to keep in touch with ALL of them and on the RIGHT time as some others could do, but I don’t repent.

Many good as well as bad things have happened in my life and thank God for everything .Seriously speaking I enjoy my work. Also the technology which I’m working always thrills me. So I try myself to be as focused as I can and this is my sincere request to all my colleagues. I shouldn’t conclude this epilogue with out a mention of my MS. So far so good and I look forward to finish it off neat and clean J . Let the life be prosperous for you my reader as well for me the writer. J . Enjoy MaadiJ.

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Betty said...

U actually rber the hyd-blr journey:P

Good Job!