Friday, June 29, 2007

PizzA cOrNER ExPEriencE..

Today was a remarkable day in my life as i visited the Pizza corner in the town for the very first time. Being the self proclaimed introvert Iam, I havent had much chances to go out, esp to hang out with friends in places like Pizza corner, but this time it was all diiferent. My friends Cauvery and Vivek are in town and it was Cau's idea that we may meet at some place.

She is having the 3 day holiday which the colege does allow to take. Wel for ur info she dng MBA from ASB. And Vivek is doing his BE from
BIT, Mesra. HE stays near my place and so we headed to Veleyambalam first where he had to give some stuff to his father and I had to do a small recharge. After it was done,,we reached Pizza corner.

Actually we were standing outside waiting for this ggirl to come. But to our surpri
se,we found her inside . Who thought that Gals gona be on time???????????? We had a nice time, pulling each others legs and I honestly believe that all of us had a great time. Though i DID da MAJORITY TALKING... ;) Lolz.....

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Cauvery Kesavasamy said...

fraud! liar!! u did the talking???? gud post! :)